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Thermal Oil Boiler Inplan
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Specification of Thermal Oil Boiler Inplan

Thermal Oil Boiler Inplan

Inplan is a German-made thermal oil boiler with a high efficiency level

-Real output as per stated boiler rating

-Conformity with Rules, Standards and Regulations

-Constructed and factory tested under a total Quality Management System with TUV as 3rd party inspection

-Automatic operation burner with high combustion efficiency and high turn down ratio that reduced boiler fuel consumption and stable thermal oil temperature

-Full automated operation provided for control for burner system, temperature control and for failsafe operation

-High reliability due to usage of superior material and proper proven design

-High quality top brand valves and components made in Europe like KSB pump, Ari Faba Valve, and Wika pressure gauge

-Full 1 year warranty provided by qualified after sales service

-Qualified stand by technician support for all our boiler

-Ready stock for common sparepart for all our boiler

-Designed for complete access to furnace and combustion chamber, and with adequate manholes and handholes, this allows for boiler convenient visual inspection, cleaning and maintenance

-Using only Germany made burner ie Saacke or Weishaupt which has been proven as the best commercial burner

Can be used to replace other European made boilers such as Loos boilers, Bosch boilers, Viessmann boilers, Cochran boilers, SCHNEIDER-KESSEL boilers, Maxxtec boilers and BBS boilers.

Can be used to replace other Chinese made boilers such as Hamada boilers, Zug boilers and other Chinese boilers.

Can be used to replace locally made boilers such as Basuki boilers, Grand Kartech boilers, Hoken boilers, Miura  boilers and other local boilers.


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